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TOPProduct InformationSemiconductor
Shindengen offers an expansive product line of semiconductors which includes general rectifier diodes used for switching power supplies, world-leading performance bridge diodes, MOSFETs and high-speed rectifier diodes. We also maintain a large market share in surge protection devices appropriate for induced-surge and over-voltage protection
Furthermore, power ICs and hybrid ICs utilizing the BiCD process, a complex manufacturing process technology, contribute to higher functionality, smaller and thinner package sizes and power-saving for digital consumer electronics, white goods and IP network products.
UPDATE Part No. PackageType Outline
2006-11-15 DG1J2A
[Diodes:Schottky Barrier Diodes]
2006-11-15 S60L120
[Diodes:Super Fast Recovery Diodes]
THD Ultra-High Voltage, Large Io Reference:PW03-22-e
2006-11-15 DF8L60US
[Diodes:Super Fast Recovery Diodes]
2006-02-22 S30NC15
[Diodes:Schottky Barrier Diodes]
THD Center Tap, Common Cathode, Small IR Reference:PW03-03-e
2006-02-08 US30KB80R
[Diodes:Bridge Diodes]
THD UL Recognized, UL File No.E142425
2006-02-08 US8KB80R
[Diodes:Bridge Diodes]
THD UL Recognized, UL File No.E142422
2006-02-08 US6KB80R
[Diodes:Bridge Diodes]
THD UL Recognized, UL File No.E142422
2006-02-08 US4KB80R
[Diodes:Bridge Diodes]
THD UL Recognized, UL File No.E142422
2006-02-08 D50XB80
[Diodes:Bridge Diodes]
THD Large Io SIP, UL Recognized File No.E142422 Reference:PW05-18-e
2006-02-08 D30XT80
[Diodes:Rectifiers Diodes]
THD 3Phase Bridge, Large Io SIP, UL Recognized File No.E142422 Reference:PW05-18-e
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